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First EUAsiaGrid Training Event, 28 - 31 July 2008 (Malaysia)

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The first EUAsiaGrid Training Event from 28 ~31 July 2008, Malaysia

The first EUAsiaGrid Training Event will be hosted by MIMOS from 28 ~31 July 2008 in MIMOS, Malaysia.To help train partners on the effective use and management of the Grid, the first EUAsiaGrid Training Event will be held from 27-31 July 2008 in MIMOS, Malaysia.

This event is designed to teach participants fundamental Grid concepts, how to use gLite for their work and how to install gLite Grid services.The expected participants would be EUAsiaGrid partners, Asia Federation partners, as well as institutes/organization that are interested in Grid computing or any other collaboration partners.

Lecturers of this training will be from INFN (IT), ASGC (TW) and possibly from CESNET (CZ) and HealthGrid (FR) as well. The first EUAsiaGrid Training Event will provide the perfect opportunity for network developing with Asian and European communities, and it is believed to enhance infrastructure collaboration and project application, and reinforce the achievement that EUASiaGrid proposes.

The second EUAsiaGrid Training Event is planed to be hosted by ASGC, Taipei, Taiwan, in 17-19 of October in conjunction with HEPix 2008 Fall Meeting and Grid Camp 2008.

Further detail will be announced shortly. For more event detail, please visit:

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