Monday, June 23, 2008

When Will We Ever Learn?

Figure Caption: Editorial cartoon in Inquirer Online, 6/24/08. Source:
Watching the morning news on tv may not be a good idea...

It makes you sad and feel depressed after seeing the plight of typhoon victims including the passengers of a Philippine ferryboat which capsized during the height of typhoon 'Frank'.

And pity the survivors. After the harrowing experience they had undergone, they were refused temporary shelter by the Philippine Coastguard Compound (according to the news item I saw on tv).

The editorial in today's Inquirer Online talks about the negligence of the authorities and the poor record of the shipping company that owns the ship that capsized.

The writer of the article laments the "very low regard for the value of human life."

Another sea tragedy... When will we ever learn?

Raffy Saldaña

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