Monday, June 9, 2008

Syllabus, Seminar on Numerical Analysis (Ma 195a.15)

Ma 195a.15-A (1st Sem 08-09)
Seminar on Numerical Analysis
1200-1330 TTH
Professor: Rafael Saldaña, Ph.D.
Consultation: W-F 1500 - 1700 or by appointment
Textbook: Elementary Numerical Analysis, Atkinson

Course Description: Solutions of Equations in One Variable, Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration, Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations.

Prerequisite: Ma 22, Knowledge of SciLab is helpful

Course outline:

Topics/Sections /Tentative/Exam Date

LT1/Solutions of Equations in One Variable/2.1-2.3,2.6

LT2/Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation/3.1-3.4

LT3/Numerical Differentiation and Integration/4.1-4-5

LT4/Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations/5.1-5.5

Final Exams: Oct 6-11

Course Requirements:

4 Long Exams (100 pts each) (the lowest will be cancelled)... 400
Final Exam (200 pts) ... 200
Quizzes, Problem Sets ... 100 (max)

Grading System/Class Policies:

92 – 100 = A
86 – 91 = B+
77 – 85 = B
69 – 76 = C+
60 – 68 = C
50 – 59 = D
Below 50 = F

The final grade is computed as follows:
(total score/highest possible sum) x 100%
converted to a letter grade based on the above table.

  • A student with a class standing of at least 90% prior to cancellation of the lowest exam may be exempted from taking the final exams.
  • There will be no make-up quizzes or homework.
  • Use short bond paper and pens in exams.
  • Always bring a scientific calculator.
  • Absence in a TTh class meeting is considered 1 ½ cuts; in an MWF meeting, 1 cut. Any student who accumulates more than 18 cuts will get a final grade of W. A Late is considered a cut.
  • No eating, sleeping, using of cellular phones during class. Cellular phones must be in silent mode. Avoid going out of class once classes have started unless there is an emergency.
  • The teacher reserves the right to send anyone out of the classroom on the grounds of discourtesy to the teacher or to a fellow student, misbehavior in the classroom, & other reasons provided in the student handbook.

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